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Change the World

Inmense Hotels

In Inmense Hotels we believe that part of our mission is to create a better planet. Therefore, we work closely to support organizations that generate these changes, and encourage our managers and employees to get involved in each project.

Some of the activities carried out in favor of communities are: painting neighborhoods, organizing literacy programs, recreational and sports workshops for children, and promoting activities related to ecological care. In Inmense Hotels we all participate to make a better world.


We believe in the possibility of a better world, so we created Axkan Association, a non-profit organization focused on developing opportunities for vulnerable communities in our country, specifically focused on children and youth.

Axkan encourages through education, a culture of care and ecological conservation as well as the preservation of the socio-cultural resources.

We are convinced that creativity and innovation are pillars to create alternatives and solutions to the conditions of communities.


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Dunas Radio

Dunas Radio is a radio station via Internet. It is a place of expression to share and disseminate knowledge on various topics, as well as enable the rapprochement between communities and individuals. Dunas Radio presents plural, inclusive, and diverse issues programs with a common denominator: they all intend to improve the world in which we live.

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Meseta Las Palomas Cacaxtla

Seeking continuous improvement of our nature, Inmense Hotels joins the cause of Las Palomas in Plateau Cacaxtla, Sinaloa, who are responsible for managing an ecological reserve. We are proud to support this important work of love, respect, defend, and promote the fauna of our country.

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