Culinary Manifesto – Inmense Hotels

Culinary Manifesto

Inmense Hotels

Concept of our restaurants

Our restaurants offer regional cuisine combined with modern techniques and global influences. Respect for local ingredients and attention to the seasonality of the year is a priority, added to the mix of textures, colors and spectacular presentations that characterize the richness of the Inmense Hotels gastronomic proposal.

We are aware that it is not just about eating, our goal is to make every meal a memorable experience and inspire travelers to discover the gastronomic richness of the territory they visit by making the local ingredients the protagonists of our dishes. We patiently wait for the harvest dates since our recipes are prepared with seasonal ingredients and serve only organic, natural and preservative-free products.

Our definition of values at Inmense Hotels is related to be sustainable, ecological, and supportive to local producers, apart from preparing unusual dishes.

Today’s kitchen demands to be sustainable and fresh, that’s why we’re flexible and constantly checking out what’s on the market according to the season before taking it to your table.

We love to discover new flavors and we are constantly looking to innovate. We value the artistic sense and we encourage the creativity of our chefs, we just supervise that our quality standards are met, yet all of them have full freedom to experiment and propose changes to the menu, so they are always motivated, and throughout their career with us many dishes and desserts have been created and improved; combining fruits, vegetables as well as domestic and foreign spices, all of this under the commitment we’ve made to promote the health and satisfaction of our customers.

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